Producing in the cradle of glass history in the mediterrenean.

The  Concept to transform recycled glass into new objects of desire is not new, and me and my partners have worked since more than four decades in this field, being part of the rise and dawning of many factories in the areat of Valencia. A few of them are still working in the flow of automation, but the artistic partly had being lost, so the recovery of this part is our main aim together with our partners in Egypt.


The cradle of glasss lasts back to 3000 - 2000 B.C. in the coastal North of Syria, Mesopotamia and Egypt by accident near a fire place in the desert sand, which melted to glass . Romans brought this glass elaboration technique from there about 100 B.C. and from there it spread all over Europe. The two worlds are now connected by a stream which is the Mediterranean Sea.

Out of this context we have researched for this origins and went back to produce there with the same techniques from over 5000 years ago , adding professionality of european masters in glass composition, elaborating a very high glass quality.


100% ecological - 100% innovative - 100% passion